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PPL Dunnage Bags

PPL Dunnage Bags


The outer bag is made from a high quality kraft paper laminated on a PP(polypropylene) Woven layer.This unique design combines the beauty of both materials. As a result,our PPL bags are extremely durable and offer a much higher resistance against punctrues and moistures. At the same time they maintain the aesthetic appearance of kraft paper and have a high tensile strength. The inner bag of PPL type is made of 5 layers of co-extruded PA films, therefore our bags can maintain air impermeability for a much longer period of time than competing products on the market.


PPL Dunnage BagPPL Dunnage Bag 2



24" x 36" - $2.84 Each

36" x 48" - $4.49 Each

36" x 72" - $6.33 Each

36" x 84" - $6.99 Each

48" x 48" - $5.84 Each

48" x 84" - $9.29 Each

48" x 96" - $10.32 Each


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