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“Thefts are down to zero since we started using Visitor Pass Solutions.” – Hospital Security Director, Hartford, CT


“We are able to keep a detailed record of visitors in the building and they are easily spotted when touring.” Memphis, TN

Registry Book - Expiring Security Visitor Badges - Custom TAB

Visitor Pass Registry Book with TAB-Expiring badges, the easiest to activate self-expiring badges in the world. Folding the attached tab behind the badge makes “VOID” show the next day, preventing reuse.

Have your visitor badges made to order. Imprint them with your facility name and/or logo (in black ink for no charge), change the title from “Visitor” to “Vendor”, “Contractor”, “Volunteer” (anything you want) or change any of the wording.  Most custom orders ship within 2 business days.


Expiring Visitor Badges

Custom Visitor Pass with TAB
Style 808 with “Destination” (shown)
Style 807 with “Company”


Style 802

Style 802 with “Destination”
Style 801 with “Company”


Style 804 is printed with "Destination", to show where visitors are GOING. Recommended for Schools and Hospitals.

Style 804 with “Destination”
Style 803 with “Company”


Style 819-TEM is printed with "Temporary" to show a temporary employee's assignment

Style 819-TEM
Temporary with "Assignment"


$133.00 per book

Badge size: 3" x 2"  - # badges/book: 500 

Pick One: BORDER (white background only)

Select White for no border

Custom Badges imprinted with Name, Logo and

choice of Title in BLACK ink.

FREE COLOR LOGO (Save $10.00 per book)







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Stock Badges - Pre-Printed with titles:

Temporary, Substitute Teacher or Visitor

Visitor Security Pass


Visitor Badges


Visitor Passes


$104.00 per book



Book or Sheet:


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If ordering custom badges, please email custom logo file and additional information to Customer Service

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