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“Thefts are down to zero since we started using Visitor Pass Solutions.” – Hospital Security Director, Hartford, CT


“We are able to keep a detailed record of visitors in the building and they are easily spotted when touring.” Memphis, TN

Self Expiring Visitor Security Badges

Badges change color to prevent reuse, do not need to be collected. For extra security, put a time limit on your visitors with our self-expiring badges, for both manual and electronic visitor management, that change color overnight so they can’t be reused. 

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TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass


Tab Expiring Visitor Badge Expiring Visitor Badge Tab Expire

Lets you know who has permission to be in your facility and who doesn’t, because security is built right in. The patented one-piece design makes activation virtually foolproof. After the visitor’s information is written — or printed — onto the badge, it’s peeled from the liner ... and the tab is folded behind the badge. Overnight, a “VOID” image appears on the badge, discouraging reusage by visitors who have left.


FULL-Expiring Visitor Pass

FULL-Expiring Visitor Pass

FULL-Expiring Visitor Pass example

The most visible expiring solution because the entire badge changes color overnight. It can be seen from a distance and easily identifies any visitor trying to re-use the badge the next day. Once the badge is filled out or printed, peel the white front piece from its liner. Next, stick it on top of the red back piece to activate a tamperproof expiration process … and it’s ready to wear ... until it becomes VOID the next day. You have your choice of two highly visible expiring images — VOID or DIAGONAL LINES — plus three convenient ways for your visitors to wear the badge.  Visitors can stick-it ... clip-it … or wear it with a lanyard. 


DOT-Expiring Visitor Pass


DOT-Expiring Visitor Pass

DOT-Expiring Visitor Pass Example

This badge has a red expiring circle preprinted on the bottom right corner. Once a visitor signs in (or has their badge printed out), a white “front piece dot” gets applied over the red circle to activate the tamperproof expiration process. The next day, an image of a red grid will appear indicating the badge has expired. Pre-printed “front piece dots” can help to identify your visitors and are available in your choice of a red “V” for Visitor (or Vendor or Volunteer), “T” for Temporary, or “C” for Contractor. If you already use non-expiring visitor badges, you can turn those into expiring badges by using Expiring Dot Sets. Like the DOT-Expiring Visitor Pass, a white front piece goes on top of a red back piece to activate the tamperproof expiration process.  Then, place it on your own badges as a low-cost way to add security.


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