Tamper Evident Tapes and Seals

OneSeal - Premium Security Tape


Reduce employee and shipper theft with easy to apply tamper evident tapes. Protect your shipments from being tampered with and reduce the likelihood of illegal materials or objects being inserted into your package.

Tamper Evident Seal


Product Features:

  • Hidden Message: OPENED
    -- OPENED graphic may vary
  • Printed Instructions on Tape
  • Pre-assigned Serial Number
  • Diagonal Alignment Lines Combat Pilfering
  • Partial (50%) adhesive transfer to surface
  • Cannot be Resealed
  • TSA-CCSP compliant

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Paperboard Boxes & Envelopes
  • Envelopes-Kraft Paper, Tyvek
  • Metal - Bare and Painted
  • Most Smooth Plastics
  • Wood - Painted

OneSeal - Premium Security Tape - $37.95


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OneSeal - Security Packaging Tape

3" x 330' Roll - TEPT-2X330WR



Tamper evident tapes


  • White background with Red diagonal lines, which provide a visual indicator if the tape is slit to open the package.
  • This item does NOT have a tamper evident release message.
  • Security Packing Tape is used to indicate a package was opened or to detect tampering while a shipping carton is in transit or storage.
  • Pilferage can occur after plain carton sealing tape is slit on a carton seam, then re-sealed with clear packing tape. To the un-trained eye the re-sealing can be difficult to detect prior to signing the bill of lading to accept the goods.
  • The diagonal lines in our stock security packing tape provide an added visual indicator that the tape was slit to open the package.

OneSeal - Security Packaging Tape - $15.00


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OneSeal - Taper Evident Cargo Door Label

4"x13", Red, Roll of 100 - TCTEL-4X13R

Tamper Evident Cargo Tape

Our Tamper Evident Cargo Door Security Label has a unique serial number which is protected by an over-laminate of clear film. The permanent acrylic adhesive provides excellent performance in harsh weather conditions. When removed, the seal will self destruct and leave an adhesive residue on door.


Cargo Door Security Labels are 4" X 13" polyester, self-adhesive, tamper-evident seals. They are used as an added layer of security for sealing the doors on truck trailers, sea containers and crates.


The stock seals feature a unique serial number in black ink. A clear overlaminate film protects the serial number from abrasion, attack and alterations.

The seals feature a permanent acrylic adhesive, which allows seals to be applied in cold weather (+10°F). After the seal is applied, the adhesive is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°F to +200°F and provides a weather and heat resistant bond to the container.


Seals are hand-applied by removing the protective paper backer and sticking them to the container over or under the keeper bars.


When removed, the seals will self destruct to indicate tampering, which leaves the OPEN VOID message in the film and a corresponding message in the adhesive residue on the doors.


As an option, Cargo Door Security Labels can be provided in matching sets of 2 or 3 seals -- all having the same number. Typically, matching sets of 3 seals are applied over each side door to the frame and at the center seam of the two container doors.


For added security, our Cargo Door Security Labels can be custom manufactured with your company's text imprint or logo. The hidden tampering message can be customized as well. Customizations include any language or copy to make the removal or manipulation of the seal easily understandable in any locale.


We recommend alcohol to clean up the adhesive residue. If the seals are applied to bare metal, a more aggressive solvent (acetone, etc.) may be used without concerns of damaging the surface.


OneSeal - Taper Evident Cargo Door Label - $159.00


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Gas pump tamper-evident labels have been developed as a simple and cost effective way to lower fraud.


Gas Pump Void Label



Gas Pump Void Lable

Gas Pump Label


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